American Artists in Munich. Artistic Migration and Cultural Exchange Processes

Christian Fuhrmeister, Hubertus Kohle und Veerle Thielemans:

American Artists in Munich. Artistic Migration and Cultural Exchange Processes

Berlin, München: Deutscher Kunstverlag 2009 (Münchner Universitätsschriften des Instituts für Kunstgeschichte, 8; Veröffentlichungen des Zentralinstituts für Kunstgeschichte in München, XXI)

ISBN: 978-3-422-06833-9


Artists have always transgressed boundaries, travelling to the major artistic centers of their day, in pursuit of training, commissions or simply inspiration from abroad.The bicentennial celebration of the Munich Academy in 2008 offered an opportunity to examine the attraction that the selfproclaimed Kunststadt or "City of the Art(s)" held for American artists between 1850 and the First World War:Who came, when, and why? What was the significance of the American artistic community in Munich? How did the Munich experience shape the later careers of visiting artists?
American Artists in Munich is seeking to re-write the history of the lure of Munich by avoiding the reductive scenario of young inexperienced Americans seeking out an art training generally unavailable in their own country. Its aim is to contribute to the history of artistic formation, the history of art academies, and the academy as institution, embedded within cultural geography in a larger sense.
Munich's appeal for American artists turns out to cover many more areas than have been previously recognized, and the essays assembled in this volume show how the unique combination of royal patronage, institutional power, artistic training, public art collections, entrepreneurship, Bavarian craft traditions, new technologies,multiple venues for the display of art objects, geographical location, revival of history, the amalgam of the folkloristic and the aristocratic, affordable living, and, later, the lure of bohemian life, formed a special, indeed unique constellation.

The publication documents the papers held on the occasion of the 4th conference of the Munich research group Forschungen zur Künstlerausbildung / Research on the Formation of Artists in cooperation with the Terra Foundation for American Art: American Artists in Munich, October 9-11, 2007.

With contributions by:
Susanne Böller, Asta von Buch, Frank Büttner, Hollis Clayson, Kathleen Curran,Andre Dombrowski, Ursula Frohne, Christian Fuhrmeister, Helmut Hess, Birgit Jooss, Ekkehard Mai, Katherine Manthorne, Frank Mehring, Jane C. Milosch, Herbert Molderings, Michael Quick, Diane Radycki, Eric Rosenberg, Veerle Thielemans and Nathan J.Timpano.

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