Book Orders



The Library of the Zentralinstitut fuer Kunstgeschichte is an open stack reference library which means that books in our collections are freely accessible for consultation in our reading rooms, yet certain materials must be ordered:

  • Rare books (shelf mark ends with ‚R’)‚ ‚Rarissima’ (= very rare books) or ‚PL’ (= material kept in the plan chest)
  • Most of the auction catalogues and stock catalogues (shelf mark begins with ‚Aukt.Kat.’ or ‚Lagerkat.’)
  • Other special holdings worth protecting (microforms, slides, data media etc.)
  • Books of the following groups of shelf marks: ‚AH’ (Librarianship, Archivistics and Museology), ‚LT’ and ‚LU’ (Romania, Constantinople) and ‚ZA’, ‚ZB’, ‚ZE’ to ‚ZK’ (Related disciplines)

Special rules exist for books labelled as ‘Rarissima’, likewise for ‘Graphzines’. Holdings with the location suffix ‘HF’ on the call number cannot be ordered for the time being.

You may find request forms in our reading rooms and at the entrance control desk. In order to place an order please fill in the form completely, sign it and hand it over to the staff at the entrance; there you also receive your ordered items by depositing your readers ticket. Ordered items may not be kept in the reserve shelf and must be returned at the entrance control desk when leaving the library.

For book orders via mail we provide an online order form in PDF format which you can download here. You can either send it printed by mail* or as PDF file attached to an e-mail to . Please ensure that all mandatory fields are completed before placing your order at least two working days in advance of your visit.

For each item one single order form is required except volumes with the same shelf mark (e.g. multi-volume works). A maximum of 5 media items can be ordered for each delivery date (exceptions only according to prior agreement).

Delivery times of ordered items:

  • Rare books
  • Books with the suffix ‚PL’
  • Books of the following groups of shelf marks: ‚AH', ‚LT’, ‚LU’, ‚ZA’, ‚ZB’, ‚ZE’ to ‚ZK’
  • Data carriers (‚CD’), microforms (‚MF’)
  • Auction and stock catalogues (‚Aukt.Kat.’ and ‚Lagerkat.’) ordered onsite:
    • ordered until 2:00 pm, delivered at 3:00 pm (Entrance control desk)
    • ordered after 2:00 pm, delivered on the next working day at 9:00 am (Entrance control desk)
  • Rare books ordered by mail or e-mail (order form): delivered on the first working day after receipt of order at 9:00 am (Entrance control desk)

A Readers Card is required to consult any ordered material. Information about how to apply for a Readers Card, and the Readers Card Office opening hours is available here.


* Postal address

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte - Bibliothek
Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 10
80333 München