Association of Friends of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte e.V. 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT'

The Association 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT', founded in 1983, contributes to the collections and infrastructures of the library and supports the Zentralinstitut’s research projects.

The 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT' awards younger art historians for distinguished research in the categories.

These prizes are designed to encourage original research in areas often neglected in academic education:

  • Wolfgang Ratjen Prize for distinguished research in the Graphic Arts
  • Research Prize for distinguished research in the Applied Arts
  • Theodor Fischer Prize for distinguished research in 19th and 20th century architectural history

The friends of the Zentralinstitut also acquire antiquarian books, catalogues and private libraries for the institute’s library. Further information concerning the activities of 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT' may be found in the annual report, initiated in 2010, which includes an application form for membership.

Annual Report 2014/2015
Annual Report 2013/2014
Annual Report 2012/2013
Annual Report 2011/2012

Annual Report 2010


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Originallogo CONIVNCTA
Joachim Camerarius: Symbolorum et Emblematum Centuria tres I. Ex herbis et stirpibus, Nürnberg 1605, Nr. XVI „NE RUMPERE“

The original motto adapted by Joachim Camerarius to this emblem was 'Ne rumpere' (that they should not break apart). The design represents two trees, narrowly joined and hence strenghtened. At the foundring of the 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT' in 1983 another motto was chosen, 'CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT' meaning 'Bound together (in the circle of friends) the institution flourishes'.

Further Informations

Wissenschaft & Bibliophilie. Die CONIVNCTA FLORESCIT sammelt für die Bibliothek des Zentralinstituts für Kunstgeschichte, Einführung und Katalog von Thomas Lersch, München 1997